New version of ad-aware out?

  Tick Tock 20:41 09 Aug 04
  jonnytub 20:47 09 Aug 04

ta very much, checking it out now

  jonnytub 20:49 09 Aug 04

it's much the same but no doubt a better engine.

  jonnytub 20:51 09 Aug 04

A MUCH better engine, i scanned with the old version less than a couple of hours ago and the se edition found 27 items. phew !!!

  powerless 21:14 09 Aug 04
  Al94 21:46 09 Aug 04

33 items here!!

  stalion 21:48 09 Aug 04

is this new version also free?

  powerless 21:50 09 Aug 04


  jonnytub 21:53 09 Aug 04

Anyone that is just reading this and out of curiostiy, do a full scan before you download and one with the new version.

  Taw® 21:58 09 Aug 04

should you uninstal the old version first?

  PSF 21:59 09 Aug 04

I ran the quick scan with the old one and it found 7 files. I have installed SE, I ran the new quick scan and it found 68 new ones!!! It does seem to check deeper. I am now running the full scan.

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