new ver 4.0 of free easeus todo backup

  sunnystaines 09:18 05 Jan 12
  The Kestrel 09:26 05 Jan 12

Thanks. Just downloaded and installed with no problems.

  sunnystaines 14:12 05 Jan 12

if you have auto login after booting the pc you will have to reset this after instal [well i had to with xp]

  Pepper9 16:44 05 Jan 12

Is this better than using W7's own backup (see my thread)?

  Ventad 19:31 05 Jan 12


Thanks for that I downloaded it on one computer tried it and then put it on another it does imo work better than windows one it will let you put the backups even on the network NAS, something that MS Backup would not let me do, or I could not work out how to do it if one can!

  sunnystaines 19:39 05 Jan 12


i was only recently introduced to easeus from another pca member cannot remember who now, but well impressed so far.

  Bailifei 06:19 09 Jan 12

I downloaded and installed todo backup free, to find the one-click backup system is quite easy to use and reliable. I also set up a schedule backup to constantly protect my system. And I got an article about one-click backup system of todo backup. wanna share it.

  March Hare 10:26 09 Jan 12

I have had ver 1.1 of this installed for some time and am pleased with it.

If I install this new version, should I uninstall the old version first, or can the new one be installed over the old one?

And will the existing backups previosly done using ver 1.1 still be usable with the new version?

  robin_x 11:03 09 Jan 12

Version 1.1. The best incarnation of Easeus Backup in my opinion (user friendly and intuitive)

While v4.0 allows file/folder backups as well as images and both can be incremental or differential, I just find it takes some thinking to use.


Anyway, v4.0 will prompt you to agree to uninstall of v1.1

v1.1 .pbd images still work in v4.0

But make a fresh image if you upgrade to be safe.

(Old v1.1 can still be found here if you wish to downgrade again. But it may not be around for ever. Most links point to the latest. v4.0 IS worth the extra effort of use though).

  March Hare 11:22 09 Jan 12

Many thanks for that advice.

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