sevenfarn 25 Jul 13

I have suffered the new version of this malware. It is very damaging. It now blocks the safe mode completely. After scanning my hard disk in the slave mode, window can no longer start normally. It said the system is impaired. Instead of opening the locked screen, it has been bounced into the log in screen. However, I have never set a log in password for the home use Vista OS. I don't know whether it is the operating system got damaged or the virus is still around? Any help please?

The new Hitman Pro Kickstart has a problem. It requires internet connection but mine is the old ADSL. I can't link up to the internet using the Hitman Kickstart.

  proudfoot 25 Jul 13

This is the time you need a recent system backup. I make backups at least every month to my external H/D. If I get a problem like that, I can be back to a normal system within 3-45 mins. I personally use Acronis TrueImage but there are a number of free programs, though they may take a bit longer ro recover the system. If you have a W8 O/S you can restore your system back without losing your data if you have made backups to a separate disk.

  rdave13 25 Jul 13

This is windows 8 I assume. When you get to the log in screen, press the shift key and click on the power icon bottom right. Press the shift key again when clicking on 'restart', it should bring up the screen with the troubleshhoting icon. Try to follow this to try running a system restore.


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