New Startup Business - Hardware advice

  chrismacq 02 Apr 08


I am starting a new recruitment company which will have it's own website and database eventually.

one of our first purchases will be laptops + docking stations for the consultants (5)

Can you suggest the best options for under £600 each.

  Forum Editor 02 Apr 08

is to wonder why you'll need docking stations. If your consultants are going to take these machines on the road could you not simply run a wireless network - or even a cabled one - with a central server, and let them connect to that when they're in the office?

My choice as far as laptops for corporate clients goes always tends to be Toshiba or Dell - they are my personal preferences, and you'll have no problem picking machines from either at your price-point.

  chrismacq 03 Apr 08

Thanks for the speedy reply !

It's safe to assume that I'm no IT expert,I guess my thinking on the docking stations was more for user ease. having a docking station that was already connected up to network etc.

We will be using serviced offices and external server provider as the company is very small. Can you suggest any companies that assist with IT set ups for a small start up company ?

Thankyou !

  Forum Editor 05 Apr 08

but you should have no trouble finding someone if you think you need help. I say 'if you think you need help' because what you're doing is pretty straightforward, and you don't really need to be an IT expert.

When you say you'll be using an "external server provider", what do you mean, exactly? If all you want to do is allow your consultants to network to shared resources when they're in the office you would be best advised to run your own small, in-house server. It can run your database application(s) and handle email, or whatever, and the consultants can access it via the wireless network adapters in their laptops. The server would be connected directly to a wireless router via a LAN cable, and provided you made sure it was properly secured from the outside world (easy to accomplish) the whole thing would run very nicely.

Your website can be externally hosted in the usual way.


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