New Spybot S&D detection file available

  Belatucadrus 11:34 19 May 03

New file available, dated 18/5/25003

  expertec 12:45 19 May 03

Saw this thread just after I downloaded it!

  cracker²³ 13:09 19 May 03

Thank you

  cracker²³ 13:11 19 May 03

For some reason it wont download-says bad checksum. Had this before tho, no doubt it will be ok later(I hope)!!

  Goldcroft 13:28 19 May 03

I think it was your suggestion to someone on the forum, but have just downloaded Spybot and it found lots of files which I have deleted. There was another programme you recommended at the same time, but can't remember it.

Just makes you think though, there must be millions of computer owners out there who have never heard of spybot and have minimal or no knowledge of virus checkers or firewalls or any other protective measures. How wide open they are to any exploitation or attack. I was just fortunate to find this forum.

  Goldcroft 13:29 19 May 03

As i downloaded Spybot only half an hour ago do I assume I got the the new file you mention?

  Xevious 13:37 19 May 03

spybot is news to me, what does it do? does AV/firewall not protect your system adequetly?
plz advise. thx

  Andsome 13:50 19 May 03

Spybot search and destroy is well worth downloading. It sorts out and deletes spyware which your firewall and AV programs will not stop. These spyware programs can transmit information to their originators as to which sites you regularly visit. Also well worthwhile is Spyblaster. This does not do scans but stops spyware from downloading in the first place. If you have both and do a weekly scan with spybot, this will eliminate the odd one which spyblaster may have missed. Both programs offer regular free downloads of new dangerous websites, which are then blocked or removed from your computer.

  MichelleC 13:56 19 May 03


  Xevious 14:04 19 May 03

Cheers for that! i think i'll get on it right away!
thx again

  rawprawn 14:21 19 May 03

Many thanks

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