New Spybot Additions

  €dstow 13:54 27 Mar 03

Title says all!


  Andsome 14:00 27 Mar 03

Still trying to see the point of the thread?????

  powerless 14:05 27 Mar 03
  €dstow 14:12 27 Mar 03


There are some additions to the list of items which Spybot S&D regards as undesirable. I am informing forum members of this update.

They weren't there before lunch, they are there now.

  Tenner 14:30 27 Mar 03

Lunch ? What's that, ?d ?

My boss* says it's for whimps ! ;-)


* He's not, really, just thinks he is !

  €dstow 14:32 27 Mar 03


lunchtime then - before 1:00pm


  Tenner 14:35 27 Mar 03


Can you tell me why, even when paste and copy is used, ? appears as ?

Not one of life's major worries, but I would like to address you correctly !


  powerless 14:55 27 Mar 03

Works for me ;-) (i hope)

Press the Alt Gr key and then 4 = €

  €dstow 15:08 27 Mar 03

I had problems with the € and the latest versions of Opera. I pretty sure that the new Opera is US English only thus doesn't have the €. Earlier versions (well, version 6·05) which I reverted to has several English versions.

But, as Powerless days, Alt Gr + 4 does the trick for me.


  Andsome 15:33 27 Mar 03

Ahhhhhh now I see. It's obvious after all that old age does cause senility.

  €dstow 15:42 27 Mar 03




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