New Sony USB Memory Sick Loosing Data

  grandobs 10:35 21 Jan 08

I have just purchased a Sony 2 GB USB memory stick
and on two computers running XP, If I send a few folders containing photos to this device when I look in the folders the third onwards are empty [confirmed by looking at folder properties]. Sometimes the folders are ok but if the USB memory is removed [correctly by using "safely remove hardware" icon in the task bar] and later reinserted the folder is empty.
A MP3 music folder will also empty.
A WMV or WinAmp movie will never play.
A friend has just purchased a Emax USB and it works ok on all the above, all of the time.
Can someone confirm that loosing files is possible before the Sony Memory is returned as faulty.

  Fingees 13:38 21 Jan 08

Make sure you always click on the safely remove hardware icon on the task bar, before removing.

Just a point.

  €dstowe 14:27 21 Jan 08

If you have one stick that works and another that doesn't then one of them is faulty.

  xania 15:26 21 Jan 08

I have heard that some of these sticks are forgeries and that they will only actually store a fraction of the stated size. Try saving a 1.5GB file on them and see what happens. If it fails, return the stick as faulty.

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