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  supergran10 28 Oct 12

Hi In 2005 I built a site with Frontpage hosted with 123-reg It was great....had enough sales...everthything was fine Then 18 months ago due to Frontpage not being compatible with new laptop which has Vista, page by page my site crashed and was useless.

I got Webplusx5 and rebuilt Same name but no sales, no visitors, no e-mails I really liked 123-reg site analysis but can't access it now...they suggested google analytics which says 23 people have viewed in the week, the a few hours later says 10 people veiwed in the week....really don't like it ! Why is this new site not getting the attention of the old one.........please be gentle, I am nearly 65 Hoping for help Cheers

  Ansolan 28 Oct 12

Hi supergran

Much helpful advice from forum member. As mentioned, the keywords tag is completely ignored by Google and only used as a spam signal by Microsoft, you would be better to trim those down to a few words per tag, for the minority places that do use them. The point on overuse of keyworded content also worth note, more so now than in the past.

Again as above, title tags. descriptions etc. need work. The Webmaster Academy a great place to start, you might also:

Download the pdf at

Along with reading through

Another issue with your website is the confused indexing, pages under both:


You also seem to have a duplicate of the home page:


Other pages indexed which are 404 (not found. Some may be recently deleted, you probably also changed page names (URLS) when you changed system. You need to 301 redirect from the old to the new for any URL change, ideally any deletion. A few of the old pages look to still be around, worth the time.

Recommend you take a look at:

Your website is on an Apache server, so you should be able to use a .htaccess file. Do not rely on control panel redirects, there's a guide to htaccess linked below and a useful coding page to save you time:

All the above will help get your site to a condition where search engines (and users) can understand better. You then need to look at the site itself:

One issue is inbound links. Most of what I can see come from link exchange, including sites that are highly active in that pursuit. Small scale re your website, any form of penalisation is unlikely but the links may have been devalued. In any event, I would remove the exchanged links from your site and have them removed at the other end if you can. You then of course need to consider how they are to be replaced, which leads us to content.

Adding unique and valuable content beyond your products might give people a reason to link and in any case, will help with search and make the site more interesting for visitors. Whatever you feel comfortable with that would really interest people and is relevant to the site.

You also need to sort out display issues. Mainly CSS problems I imagine, try your site in different browsers e.g. Google chrome, although there are some issues in all browsers.

Next thing to consider is how you are selling products. Is everyone going to email you to arrange this, or would you be better to be able to sell directly from the site. People expect this now. With a small number of products, you could just sort out a paypal account, or similar elsewhere and add buttons accordingly.

If you don't want to get too involved with much of the above, another option is to use a ready made ecommerce facility of this type:

Still not ideal, higher cost than standard hosting and you are not entirely in control of the site but worth a look. You could also consider moving to free ecommerce software, such as zencart, or magento. They have plenty of free/low cost templates and many factors are built in for you. They do still however need a fair amount of technical input to run well.

I don't use software of the serif type, so can't comment but also worth investigating what plugins, other add ons are available for that.

If you decide to stick with your current set up, enough above to be going on with for now. Just getting the basics organised and giving Google a little time should make a difference. If I were forced to pick, the mixed up indexing would be an absolute priority but other work will also be valuable.

  supergran10 28 Oct 12

hello and thank you for your reply I have read some of the articles you suggested then got bogged down with the sheer volume of it. In Page Properties of my Home page it reads thus....

Page Name Home Page Title Home File Name index.html

which of these should I be changing to give the homepage a proper title and what kind of title?

I will redo the keywords...I understand now what you mean about too many. Thanking you for taking the time to reply

  Ansolan 28 Oct 12

In Page Properties.....

From vague memory, think this refers to something within Serif. The changes you need to make regarding the basic set up - index page and www or non www need to be implemented on the server, not within Serif.

I know it's all confusing at first but have another read through when you can. Most of the needs can be managed by using a correctly written htaccess file you add to the server.

  Forum Editor 30 Oct 12

I can't add much to the excellent advice you've already been offered, but I can help you with page titling in Serif WebPlus.

With Serif open and the site loaded, click on the link 'Site structure' at top left. When the dialogue box opens, click on the relevant page to highlight it, and then under 'selection' click on 'properties'.

In the navigation tab (open by default) put a tick in the box marked 'specify page title' and type your title. Click OK and you're done.

One point on the site design.

As it stands your site doesn't comply with the UK and EU legal requirements for an e-commerce site. If you offer goods for sale on a web site you must provide the following information:

Your company registration number - if you have one

Your geographic (postal) address

A clear indication of whether prices include tax and delivery. You mention delivery, but there's no mention of VAT. (not be applicable if you're not registered)

A notice of customers' cancellation rights, the complaints procedure, after-sales services and any guarantees. (You must comply with all relevant consumer legislation in these respects).

There may be other factors affecting your particular business, but if you get that information on the site you will be covered.

Please remember that when a customer places an order you must, by law, send an acknowledgement of receipt, together with a notice of the terms and conditions affecting the order. You must also deliver the goods within 30 days, unless the customer agrees otherwise.

It's all pretty boring stuff, but it's essential if you are to comply with the e-commerce laws.

  supergran10 01 Nov 12

Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me. I am taking it a wee step at a time with you advice...hopefully the page titles are correct now?? There are 2 other sites on webplus that I was playing about with before I did the fial one..perhaps they are causing the conflit but although I have deleted them page by page the actual sites still appear top left han corner user "File"


  Forum Editor 01 Nov 12

"hopefully the page titles are correct now??"

Almost - 'Products' still appears as page4

There's a lot to remember, and when you're deep into the software it's easy to forget one or two small things you thought you had done.

Make yourself a list - for instance, for this task you might have written down the name of each page on your site, and when you changed the title you would have ticked off each one as you did it.


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