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  jgosden 20:46 02 Feb 04

hi i'm making a new website
click here

however the flash file at the top i want to expand so that it takes up the whole of the browser window but am confused about how too do this. I made the menu in swish 2.

  jgosden 20:47 02 Feb 04

while i'm at it do you think the rest of the site design is ok?????

  PurplePenny 00:18 03 Feb 04

"so that it takes up the whole of the browser window"

It covers the whole width if that's what you mean. What is it supposed to do? All I could get out of it was a block of colour that crawled very slowly across from the left and settled over the words. Underneath the same words appeared, only larger.

I take it that none of your links are in place yet (apart from the links to other sites on the left) because the "click here" on the web tutorials graphic didn't go anywhere either.


  gregori 01:21 03 Feb 04

Great site but difficult to read some of the print against the background colours.

  tomleady 10:32 03 Feb 04

i dont think you can the actually .swf to strecth across the page. you can strecth it yes, but if you make it larger than someones resolution, they will have to scroll. so have it 800 width, then everyone'll be happy.

i can see the text that appears in the flash fine. but nothing works yet.

For the links on they left, i would change the colour. when blue they are difficult to see, and when they are clicked, and become 'visited' its almost un-readable when its purple.

you will need to justify the menu to the Left ( at the moment it is centred) and fill in the space on the right with a jpeg or gif image that will stretch out.

P.S I like the design of the menu although you have some miss-matched fonts, the overall colour scheme is good (somewhat familiar) but I'm not so sure about the navigation on the left

  Stormpool 16:41 03 Feb 04

BUT if this applies :-

You can make flash stretch and shrink to fit the page by adding a % to the size of the flash image.

Go into the HTML coding of the page to see

Width = xxx and Height = xxx

Change it to 100% and 100%

Hope this helps?

  jgosden 19:28 03 Feb 04

thanks all i will try, i am debating not using the flashmenu bescause apprently it dosn't work on slower systems. None of the links are in place yet and the location of the completed site will probably not be here, i am just testing.

"I also avoid frames because of the problems these cause for user agents which can't render them"
there are no frames on this website i dislike them.


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