new site design problem with hyperlinks 17:35 17 Apr 04

i ahve not yet uploaded my new site as its under construction but i have used images for my navigation and was wondering how i would get the link to open ina new window rather then my frame that i use.


  Forum Editor 17:45 17 Apr 04

what software you're using, and one of us will help you out. 18:01 17 Apr 04

im using macromedia dreamweaver mx 2004

  Taran 18:54 17 Apr 04

On the Properties toolbar at the bottom of the screen in Dreamweaver [assuming you are working in Dreamweaver MX or Dreamweaver 4 workspace and not HomeSite/Coder style] add the target="_blank" option to your hyperlink.

That will force a new browser window to open and load the target URL or file into it.

  Taran 18:56 17 Apr 04

Check this out for a couple of options:

click here

People who use pop-up stoppers and certain web browsers will not see your new pages because they will be treated as a pop-up and killed outright.

Just thought you should know....

  Taran 19:00 17 Apr 04

Another laternative if you want to use it is the built in code snippet that Dreamweaver has available:

1. Select your text/image to use as the hyperlink.

2. On the right hand side of your program window is a series of panel groups. Click on the one at the top called Design.

3. There are three tabs on the Design panel group - CSS Styles, HTML Styes and Behaviours. Click the Behaviours tab.

4. Click the + sign on the Behaviours tab

5. Scroll down to Open New Browser Window and click on it

6. Enter your preferred details into the dialog screen that pops up.

7. Save and test the page.

  Sir Radfordin 20:38 17 Apr 04

My pop-up stopper seems quite happy with _blank but less with the Javascript behaviour that you can use in DW.

  Taran 08:54 18 Apr 04

It's not a given rule that all pop-up stoppers or those browsers that feature this ability built in will prevent every new browser window event from working as it should, but some of them do.

As you rightly say, the target="_blank" addition to the hyperlink code seems the most reliable and least likely to be killed.

I was erring on the side of caution.

It's a sign of age, premature senility or perhaps even both...


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