new router help please!

  wifinoob 19 Jan 13

ok i have just one question someone hopefully can answer but first ill tell you the situation...

i love my online gaming i have a ps3 that is set up wireless as i cannot use the cable because i dont want it running threw the house. i have a 1mb broadband which sucks but i get by with it, it is an adsl line and i can never get fibre optic where i live.

i have a 5year old router that has done me fine until my sister got her new causes my games to lag and have crazy latency when her laptop is on. the same for when i go on youtube etc it takes forever to load a video. my other sister has a laptop but i doesnt really steal any signal from me. tho my sis who got the new laptop is right below the router since her room is above it.

my question is if i get a new router with dual band will this send a stronger signal so my lag and latency wont be as bad when her laptop is on as it share signal or am i screwed because i only have a 1mb broadband and even if i change router she will still hog all the signal? i was thinking about gettin a Belkin n750 modem router....

please have good news for me as iv already been given bad news about fibre optic this week. it seems my online gaming life at weekends is getting crushed :(

sorry for the bad grammer and spelling its 4am im sleepy but had to write this as it is starting to annoy me. i would block her ip and mac address to get my signal back but thats unfair on her, and i aint that harsh

  mgmcc 19 Jan 13

When multiple devices are connecting to your broadband service, the available bandwidth of 1Mbps is shared between them; that cannot alter whatever router you use.

Again, when multiple devices connect "wirelessly" to your router, the available bandwidth of (presumably) 54Mbps is shared between them, unlike "wired" ethernet connections where each device will have the full 100Mbps over the network. However, this is fairly academic as the shared portion of 54Mbps will still be well above your 1Mbps broadband.

As far as dual band WiFi is concerned, some routers use either 2.4GHz or 5Ghz, others can support both simultaneously. However, the Wireless Network Adapters in your devices also need to support 5GHz to use this option.

You could do a test by connecting the Laptop that is hogging resources by ethernet cable instead of wirelessly, to see if that evens out the bandwidth.

  rdave13 19 Jan 13

I would be asking my ISP on why I only receive a 1 meg download connection.


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