New Radeon 9800XT slower than my old 9600 Pro

  Fatsia japonica 07:21 28 Jun 06

Hi hope someone can help me with this one. Ive just taken delivery of the above card which I purchased from a power seller on ebay. The card was boxed and apparently brand new. However it seems to have slower performance than the card it replaced.
I have installed the latest catalyst drivers (version 6.6)the software shows the memory clock speed to be only 250mhz and the core speed to be 450, these should be a lot higher than that.
Any advice or have I been ripped off on ebay?

  keef66 09:15 28 Jun 06

according to the gpu database at TechPowerup click here a 9800xt should be 412 core and 365 memory. (just a bit faster than your 9600pro @ 400/300, but with much greater bandwidth)

The only ATI gpu's in the list with 450/250 timings are X1300 cards which do come in AGP and PCI-e versions.

Run Belarc advisor or Everest and see what it identifies it as. Or even the Win XP system info.
Google for some images of 9800xt and x1300 cards and see if yours looks like either.

  keef66 10:58 29 Jun 06

I'm curious to know what happened here. Is somebody knocking dodgy stuff out on Ebay?

  Marsh Warden © ™ 12:02 29 Jun 06

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL] for a look at mine (same card). looks like something wrong here.

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