new psu software probs

hi, installed a new psu today, have noticed throughtout the day , most my shortcuts ie startup manager avg spyway and games all say no disk in drive f please insert disk? and splintercell game wont recognise its own disk says 'insert original not copy, everything seems to be powered ok any ideas please
tia adam

i also added norton ghost shortly after fitting the psu?

  Ashrich 23:35 08 Dec 06

Have you tried un-installing Ghost , it sounds likely that that is the problem , a new power supply can't change software settings ......


thanks ashley, i have just restored system to when i put it in, seems ok? have had to remove avg spyware because i think the problem could have been; norton was running a scan, at the same time i got a bubble saying avg has been auto updated, since then startup inspector lost shortcut and so did avg (game may have been a coincidence) so i guess in may have benn norton however i had no prompts, but you dont seem to get any on 2007 edition it just does things! will see how i get on thanks for advise

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