New Processor Installation

  dogster 15:58 18 Aug 03

What things do I need to consider when installing a new processor ??
I have checked that the motherboard can take the new processor (removing an Athlon XP1700 and replacing it with a XP2200) but is there anything else (such as cooling fan ?) that I need to do.



if you buy a boxed processor it will come bundled with a new Heatsink and fan so you wont have to worry about that.

it should be just a straight swap but read the manual to check for any changes in voltages etc.
remember to protect the chip against ESD (Electro-static discharge) while your working inside the case.

click here for a quick video demonstration.

  JIM 17:00 18 Aug 03

if you change the processor(such as cooling fan)is concerned,make sure what you buy fits properly.

Though i run a XP2200=1800+mhz your XP1700 which runs at default speeds of 1466MHz/133FSB/ with dual channel memory at DDR266 can also be overclocked to a safe stable limit. Depending on the motherboard and that your XP1700 has the JIUHB code.Note,if the rectangular core and sticker underneath is there, it is your guarantee that the processor's a Thoroughbred (0.13u) XP.

Then It is very much capabile at running at a higher multiplier of 14x giving a running speed of 1869MHz (14 x 133.5FSB), all at 1.5v VCore.= to the XP2200. It can also be pushed on default voltage to a 650MHz overclock,= to a XP2400.

Would you think of a bit higher processor if your board is up to it? :)

  woodchip 17:13 18 Aug 03

Check the motherboard manual for any jumper setting

  dogster 17:15 18 Aug 03

Thanks for the replies

Jim, The PC was bought from MESH and the motherboard is an ASUS A7A266-E (Ali-Magik chipset). The PC came with Athlon XP documentation so would it be a safe bet to call it "thoroughbread" ?

I guess my next question would be - "how do you overclock the processor" ??

  JIM 17:49 18 Aug 03

may be better to read and decide,but still check your processor though Mesh are rated high in my book for the operation.One of my systems is similar.

"Remember you are responsible for the decision."

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