New Processor

  :( lost+confused 17:12 08 May 06

Hi I recently bought a new laptop which was quite cheap so it didnt have a very fast processor. I want to buy a new faster one to put in the laptop but I dont know if you have to get one specifically for laptops or just any old one, like the ones you use for desktops. Can anyone help??

  SG Atlantis® 17:32 08 May 06

I don't think changing a processor on a lappy is easy, or even possible?

What make is the laptop?

My suggestion is a bit more RAM.

  :( lost+confused 17:34 08 May 06

It an advent 7086, how do you add RAM?

  ed-0 17:40 08 May 06

changing cpu's on some laptops is possible and in some cercumstances they are easier to do than a desktop.;-)

  :( lost+confused 17:42 08 May 06

Ok, you mentioned RAM, what is that? Is the option of using more RAM cheaper?! :)

  SG Atlantis® 17:45 08 May 06

OK cool, didn't know that hence the question mark in my post.

:( lost+confused

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That's seems a decent laptop. What's causing you problems, what is you are trying to run?

  :( lost+confused 17:47 08 May 06

I'm trying to run the sims 2

  SG Atlantis® 17:50 08 May 06

it's the graphics holding you back mate. The rest of the system is more than adequate!

Try dropping the settings in the game.

Is it jittery when playing or does it crash or not run at all?

  :( lost+confused 17:53 08 May 06

I've dropped all the graphics setting to the lowest possible!! It keeps stopping for short amounts of time and when I'm loading up screens like the neighbourhood or create a family it takes ages to get onto the it.

  SG Atlantis® 17:58 08 May 06

The graphics is the problem not any other component!

How long have you had it?

You definately can't upgrade the graphics card it's built in to the machine.

  :( lost+confused 17:58 08 May 06

I bought in march i think

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