New Process for getting to some 0f the Forums.

  birdface 13:17 PM 02 Jul 12

Just under the Toolbar everything is nnw reworded.Speakers corner is Just the same but the others have Tech help on them or helpsomewhere.

Just wondered how long it has been like that as it is the first time I have noticed it.

  lotvic 13:19 PM 02 Jul 12
  wiz-king 13:20 PM 02 Jul 12

Oh! Haven't they put up the dating site icons yet? Grin

  birdface 13:20 PM 02 Jul 12

Ok never noticed but wee eddie has opened a post about it in Speakers corner so it must be something new.

So will class as resolved.

  birdface 13:22 PM 02 Jul 12

Thanks lotvic I just noticed it.

wiz-king you never know that may be next.

  KRONOS the First 13:24 PM 02 Jul 12

It would be nice if instead of cosmetic changes more urgent problems could be sorted. I have just tried to post links to Chillblast PC's(2) and Arbico PC (2) and could not post yet the link to hwcompare did get through. Thread.


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