New printer needed.

  daz60 28 May 12

Not sure if this question should be here or Consumer watch but here goes. I just need a printer,not WiFi ,a separate scanner,Canon, i already have which works perfectly for me.

Printer needs to be 'double sided' and print decent photos.This is for home use but looking for some quality so Inkjet or Laser .??

Cost wise i am looking up to £150,so that shows my intent,maybe more if more than 1 rave review comes up.

I know that some are into photography/video so i really appreciate yours and others help and guidance.

  SparkyJack 28 May 12

Ink Jet printers are still 'tops' for photoprint quality only surpassed by photo processors who use photographic techniques.

But laser has come a long way in recent times and colours aint arf bad. photographicly Some printers now and are thought to be more economic than ink jets

This is certainly borne out by my Dell 1320 that I purchased for £130 with two sets of toners 2 years ago,

I am still on the first set of toners

So fir general work lasers are worth looking at..

I got mine from Morgan Computers - currently they have FREE printers on offer you pay for the ink/toner

  Woolwell 28 May 12

Personally I use online or local stores eg Jessops for printing photos as I think that it works out much cheaper and you get better quality. For general work then I use a monochrome laser and an inkjet for the colour I need.

  daz60 28 May 12

Woolwell, Interesting point,on-line printing,never really considered it.I would like though to have control of,or as much control of, the image from point to point.

I know that the print costs may be expensive but i am willing to trade off the costs for quality.

  Woolwell 28 May 12

For online printing you can edit the photo and crop it to the right size. We've been pleased with Snapfish and Kodak Gallery. You don't get as much colour fade either.

  SparkyJack 29 May 12

Woolwell's comment using online/store services echoes my own needs amplying a little These prints are produced on photographic paper just like film processing of old and of course of much better quality as well as cheaper than any inkjet/laser


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