New PC start-up problems

  Mr Scone 17:48 16 May 04

I have just ordered and received a new PC which came from click here

It is an Athlon XP 2400 with 256mb RAM. I had to buy/install a graphics card and HDD which I did with no trouble. The PC started up and windows was loaded. No problems.

However, About 1 in 10 times (possibly less) the PC will not boot.

Normally I get the following messages/writing on the black screen (roughly translated)

1. Graphics card detected

2. Athlon XP 2400

3. (lots of numbers starting with 2 (assume this is detecting RAM)

4. IDE HDD + CD drives detected

5. Window XP

If the computer does not start, it does not get past number 2. The sreen stays on Athlon XP 2400 and nothing else happens. Turning off the system usually doesn't help as I get the same problem until I turn the power off at the wall. When I try again after cutting power totally, it works.

I'm a bit confused but if the numbers I described at point 3 are referring to the RAM, could there be a problem detecting it?

Anyone know what could be causing this?



  PaulOwen 17:55 16 May 04
  Mr Scone 18:00 16 May 04

Thanks PaulOwen but I'm not sure that any of those articles are going to help. I think it's a hardware problem (IMHO) because windows doesn't even get a chance to start loading. It stops when detecting hardware.

Maybe i'm wrong, tell me if I am and please help solve this anoying problem.


  PaulOwen 18:02 16 May 04

Try loading in safe-mode as that site suggests.

  Mr Scone 18:05 16 May 04

I don't get far enough to choose safe mode. Remember, I can load up normally on most occasions, it's just sometimes that this annoying problem happens


I agree with PaulOwen if you can actually get the computer on then try some of the troubleshooters on the page he suggested click here

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