New PC issues

  Ms_Dial 23:38 26 Mar 07

I got my latest PC this January as a gift, an emachines T5212 w/ WinXP, 200GB HD, 1024MB RAM and it's been interesting from the start beginning with a start menu key that only functions on the 4th tap, but that I can live with, it's the other eccentric behavior that's got me perplexed.

1.) After a few hours of computer use its graphic display malfunctions (taskbar & icons disappear, shut down window won't come up, clock time freezes, cascading menus show up blank.)

2.) Resources say 89% free yet system sometimes freezes when running more than 2 programs at once.

Any advice?

  Forum Editor 00:04 27 Mar 07

of an overheating Processor about it, although there could be other reasons. Check that the fans are running, and that nothing is obstructing airflow throught the case.

Have you got an up-to-date anti-virus application installed and running?

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