New PC giving irratic poor performance

  Midsman2005 23:41 10 Aug 05

Hello forum,

I have had a new PC for a few months.

The specs are as follows...

1. Windows XP Home
2. Geforce FX 6800GT
3. 1 gig memory
4. 200MB hard drive.
5. Sound card.
6. 550W psu.

I play quite a few first person shooter games and when I have been playing for anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour the performance drops significantly. This happens in all the games I play.

Basically, the frames per second go from a solid 60 to about 15 to 20. Its as if I suddenly go from playing on a brand spanking new computer to one thats a few years old.

When I return to windows the computer "feels" slow....For example, windows take longer to open, etc.

When I reboot the computer the problem dissapears again...only to return later.

I have scanned for viruses, adware, etc. which has shown nothing at all.

I have run the PC pitstop scan and when I first start the computer the scan shows good performance.

When the problem appears and I then run the PC Pitstop scan it shows 33% performance for disk, memory and graphics.

I have tried replacing the PSU, Graphics card and memory. But the problem is still there.

I have used Everest and the temperatures it shows never get above 45 degrees.

Have tried re-installing windows and running just one game on an otherwise clean system, but the problem is still there.

I am at a total loss. Any ideas?

  garrema 00:16 11 Aug 05

a better response to this issue at say click here forums. Or the click here forums.

I don't have an answer for you my friend but more questions - You say 45c is that the graphics core temp or ambient in the case? Sounds a bit low for that 68 card - which is good.
Is the CPU fan correctly seated and has heat conduction paste well applied. Is the fan working?

Without changing anything else I wonder if the CPU temp is too high.

  Midsman2005 16:59 11 Aug 05

OK thanks.

I will try there.

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