JAR JAR BLINK'S 10:05 27 Jan 03

Hi guy's,my new pc,windows xp,my incoming emails dont have pictures or any graphics at all.Also,the "download now"---"click here"--"link's" ect ect, are not active.Something in the back of my mind suggests that i need macromedia flash player download.I may be wrong,it might be something else, any ideas guy's?. MY OP/SYSTEM IS WINDOWS XP. Regards, JAR JAR.

  Falkyrn 10:32 27 Jan 03

You don't need flash player for normal graphics check your settings under tool | Internet Options | Advanced you may find that the graphics have been switched off there

  Falkyrn 10:36 27 Jan 03

Should have read question properly ... for email check that the settings are correct .... as part of a security fix attachments such as pictures are seperated now by Outlook and Outlook express

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 10:40 27 Jan 03

Falkyrn,i've done what you said, but i don't know what to check or uncheck.I have to go out for 2 hours, i'll be back then. jar jar.

  JoeC 11:04 27 Jan 03

Outlook Express > Tools > Options > Security. Take the tick out of " Do not allow attachments to be saved etc etc "

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 13:03 27 Jan 03

joe c, you sent me in the right direction mate,and i found what to do===outlook==tools==options==security,then, uncheck the "read all messages in plain text".Now my emails have all the pictures/graphics ect.thank's Falkyrn and JoeC, I'M OK NOW. JAR JAR

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