New PC dialed up Internet by itself part 2

  Ms_Dial 22:47 26 Mar 07

On 21/03 I posted this:

I got my latest PC this January as a gift, an emachines T5212 w/ WinXP, 200GB HD, 1024MB RAM and it's been interesting from the start beginning with a start menu key that only functions on the 4th tap, but that I can live with, it's the other eccentric behavior that's got me perplexed.

1.) After a few hours of computer use graphic display malfunctions (taskbar & icons disappear, shut down window won't come up, clock time freezes, cascading menus show up blank.)

2.) Today it dialed up the Internet w/o me being anywhere near it.

3.) Resources say 89% free yet system sometimes freezes when running more than 2 programs at once.

Any advice?

P.S. I have 2 anti-virus programs, McAfee & AVG and each are updated daily.

--- and received advice to remove one of my extra anti-virus programs and so I did, yet am still having all the aforementioned problems except for the spontaneous dial up activities, why does my brand new pc have these display issues - any ideas?

  Totally-braindead 22:51 26 Mar 07

I would suggest that having the 2 anti virus programs on initially has mucked you PC up as it wouldn't have stopped any viruses and that restoring it to the factory settings ie back to what it was when you got it may be the simplest solution.

  Stuartli 22:52 26 Mar 07

You say "dialled up" the Internet - is it a dialup modem?

If so go to Device Manager>highlight your modem>Properties and uncheck the Allow this device to bring system out of Standby (or words to that effect) in the Power Management tab.

The same applies to a modem router's Properties>Power Management tab in Device Manager.

  Stuartli 22:55 26 Mar 07

One reason for the dialling up could be a program or application having been given permission to check for updates etc at a scheduled time on a regular basis.

  skidzy 22:58 26 Mar 07

If on dialup and not broadband,it may be possible a trojan dialer exists,use this program to identify any unwanted connections on your system.
click here

Remove one of the Antivirus programs as Totally-braindead suggests then run ccleaner click here and reboot the system.
Then run antidialer again and look for any possible connections that may have been recreated.

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