New to PC BUILDING (editing,games,3d) please help

  ivesone 18:32 15 May 15

Dear anybody

i am unsure of a build i am looking for and i was pointed in the direction of you geniuses. i am looking to build a pc for all round use, but especially gaming and working with video/photo/3d editing and render software. i have a rough idea of what i want:

as this is one of my first builds i am using the "Fractal Design Define R5 case" for simplicity and ease of use inside i am thinking of a build as such:

  • Motherboard: Asus X99-S ATX

    CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4ghz

    GPU: either AMD r9 290x or the Nvidia gtx 970 (which one would you chose)

    Ram: 16gb expandable to 32gb DDR3 upgradable to DDR4 (i believe)

    HHD: 2x Western Digital 4TB 3.5 sata

    SSD: 1x Samsung 840 EVO 500gb

    O/S: Windows 8.1 ready for windows 10

Above is what i was sure about bellow is things ive read up on but dont have a scooby/clue:

  • Cooler master seidon 240m radiator All-in-one liquid CPU

    Corsair 750w Modular PSU

also over the last few days ive done some research into both m.2 ssd and PCIe SSD i was wanting to know would this make a difference to performance compared to a Samsung Sata SSD say if i was to use it as a Boot drive for the OS or a Steam Library or for offline editing programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite would this be a waste of money and time

So my initial question is:

  1. is the build above compatible? (i used pcpartchecker but they diddnt have all the parts)

  2. would the psu be big enough for what i have or would i want to go for something bigger like 1000w?

  3. Are PCIe and M.2 ssd's worth the money and how can i use them to speed up my machine and or workflow?

if you can answer any of these that would be awesome

Thank you


  rdave13 19:01 15 May 15

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