new pc build HELP!!!!

  mickeyfinagin 13:53 01 Sep 07

need some advice, a couple of months ago I got a pc specked by a small company I know that has always had great feedback,the system was for gameing and video editing ect.
Due to various issues with the build, I have cancelled the order,I still want to use the company, but now that it is a 2month old spec it is probably out of date or a better spec can be speced up for the same price,the company have agreed to do me a good price due to issues. Could you have a look at the old spec and advice on any upgrades that I should ask for now without increasing the cost.

Intel core 2 duo e6600
Gigabyte GA-945 sp ds3?
western digital 320Gb 16 nb cache
Innovision 3D 8800 gts 320mb
Nitro aly case
Extra fans
750w FSP power supply
XP Pro cd
NOd 32 Antivirus
1 year Hardware waranty

£813 inc vat

Was thinking of a E6750 processor but unsure of motherboard, want one to be able to upgrade later on.1,333mhz ect
Any ideas greatly recived

  ambra4 14:08 01 Sep 07

Don't see any memory??

  mickeyfinagin 14:14 01 Sep 07

2Gb kingston memory
not sure what speed ect

  spras 14:20 01 Sep 07

Might be a good idea to downgrade to a 600W PSU (look for an efficient, and preferably environmentally friendly one. It'll save you money in the long run) and get another 1gb of RAM. The E6750 should fit the same mobo as the E6600 and its a good processor for a nice price (£120 approx).

  mickeyfinagin 07:27 02 Sep 07


  mickeyfinagin 11:09 03 Sep 07

I was thinking about future upgrades in the future, some boards only go up to 4gb, some to 8gb, to go upto 8gb I think you need a board that is 64 bit.
This is where I am unsure, also if I use a board that is 1333mhz what does this give me.
Also what is the difference in the ddr2 memory speeds ect.
Am using xp pro for the time being untill vista settles down a bit, then I wil change over.
sorry but very confused!!!!!!

  robbiepaul79 12:05 03 Sep 07

I personally think that in 2/3 years time when one needs to upgrade again technology will be so far forward in terms of processors and memory it wont really matter if you try and future proof your system your still gonna need to buy a new mobo and so on just maybe not a monitor and PSU/Case

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