new pc advice

  odelay123 14:06 24 Apr 09


Looking to get a new pc in the near future.

Would the following be good enough to run 3/4 applications at the same time without any slowdowns? I would mainly use. Photo suite, internet, Skyanytime and music.

Intel 2 duo e7400 (2.8ghz - 1066mhz - 3mb cache)
3072mb memory.

Will be buying from dell so can always top up.

Basically would upgrading memory to 4096mb memory give a much better system? Or upgrade processor?


  odelay123 14:14 24 Apr 09

At the minute my system is a pentium 4 3ghz and 512k memory so I assume any system I get will be much more impressive - or does the vista system use up alot more memory etc?

  citadel 19:04 24 Apr 09

memory is cheap now so no reason not to get 4g, an e8400 with 6mb of cache is only about £35 more than the e7400.

  jamesd1981 20:01 24 Apr 09

hi odelay dont know if your set on buying a dell but just incase not have a look in aldi they regularly do medion pc i bought one a few months ago and its a great machine 640gb drive 4gb ram intel duo core processor 2.88ghz nivida graphics card comes with vista on disc which is better than having recovery image on drive you get both vista 32 bit and 64 bit discs and quite a bit of good software including nero i run a 3 partion dual boot system c drive vista d drive files and e drive windows 7 beta and still runs fast even with a few programs open at once and on net i think aldi latest medion is a massive 1000gb drive and i think its aroung £480 but well worth its money.

  canarieslover 21:15 24 Apr 09

I have recently 'upgraded' from a P4 2.8ghz on XP Pro to a Q6600 on Vista Home Premium. Don't expect a quantum leap in performance because for most tasks there will be no increase at all. Running multiple apps. with the quad core is a bit better than with my old machine but I have turned off all the 'bells & whistles' of Vista so that it closely resembles XP Classic Style. You would probably notice almost as much improvement by adding some more memory to your present machine.

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