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  KERRO01 11:49 15 Jun 09

Hi all :)

I just went and bought a new pc from ebay and it comes without an OS. I was wondering if anyone could help me out in how to install windows xp on to it from when i receive the pc.

thanks in advance :)

  T I M B O 12:10 15 Jun 09
  KERRO01 12:27 15 Jun 09

Thankyou very much :)

  birdface 12:29 15 Jun 09

You could always put Windows 7 on it just now for free but it only lasts till next year.It might save you from buying XP unless you already have a disc and keycode.

  KERRO01 12:39 15 Jun 09

windows 7 eh?

The disc i have is from a copy from a friends retail disc. Would you recommend i get windows 7 instead?

  OTT_Buzzard 12:45 15 Jun 09

If the PC is sufficient spec to run Windows 7, then it's a good option. If nothing else you can treat it as a 'try before you buy'!!

  ambra4 13:33 15 Jun 09

Windows 7 Release Candidate: Download Instructions

click here

You can use Windows 7 RC until July 2010

Windows 7 Final Version will be available from October 2009

Most new computers available from September 2009 will come with Windows 7 as standard

or Vista if requested ; Windows 7 is also compatible with XP

Windows 7 Tips & Tweaks

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Windows 7 Tutorials Tips

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  KERRO01 13:34 15 Jun 09

last question then lol..

How would i go about getting Windows 7 on to my new pc. Would i have to install xp first then go download windows 7 oh and when im installing xp i see it says something about creating a new partition. would that delete the pre installed drivers the shop has put in to the pc while building it?

Im sorry about all the questions im not great with pcs :)

  T I M B O 13:38 15 Jun 09

Win 7 is not officially out yet, as far as i know it's only been released some months ago as a beta version. There is no harm in copying the xp cd as long as you have your own product code.

Some hardware will support xp but not vista & visa versa or both, i assume you know what hardware you have and weather vista, win7 or xp can support them with the right drivers.

  KERRO01 13:53 15 Jun 09

ye the pc supports vista but my friend never gave me a code with the disc. am i gona have to go buy a new windows disc?

  ambra4 13:55 15 Jun 09

Take a read at my first “Click Here” all your questions will be answer

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