New Partition Win 7 64bit

  tonyq 13:15 27 Jun 11

can anyone explain,or point me to a good, simple to follow tutorial,on how to make a new partition on the hard drive Windows 7 64bit, so that I can store data to it rather than to drive "C" were the operating system is stored. I believe that win 7 now as it's own tools for doing this but not sure.

  mgmcc 13:34 27 Jun 11

Go into Disk Management ("Start > Run", type diskmgmt.msc and click OK), right click your C Drive and select Shrink Volume. This will create "Unallocated Space" in the drive which you can then Partition, allocate a drive letter and format.

If your CD/DVD drive is "D" and you want to use that letter for your new partition, you should firstly allocate a different letter to the CD/DVD drive to free up the letter D.

  Terry Brown 14:26 27 Jun 11

You can also use Erasus Partition Manager (free) if you are more comfortable with 3rd party software.


  Zeppelyn 15:04 27 Jun 11

A good tip there from mgmcc, I always assign the letter X to my DVD Drive. Also a good idea to point your your document, picture folders to the new partition as when reinstalling OS, you don't have to worry about your own data.

Here's a link to a good guide.

  tonyq 16:25 27 Jun 11

I have made a partition (200GB) that now says "Unalocated". How do I format and rename to "E"drive?. I tried right click but all I get is,

New Simple Volume

New Spanned Volume (Greyed Out)

New Stripped Volume (Greyed Out)



  bremner 16:37 27 Jun 11

New simple volume and follow he prompts

  tonyq 20:28 27 Jun 11

I have now created the new partition thanks to your help. I moved various folders onto the partition using Zeppelyns suggestion and made a shortcut to the desktop. When I click the shortcut, trouble is,it takes me to the C drive not the E drive.

  mgmcc 20:41 27 Jun 11

You can create a shortcut to take you anywhere you want. If it's going to "C" drive instead of "E" drive, right click it, select Properties and edit the path so that it does go to the correct folder. Alternatively, delete the existing shortcut and create a new one.

  tonyq 16:33 29 Jun 11

everything seems to be working O.K now. Thank you all for your help. One final thing, how do I close this posting?


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