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  eddie937 11:23 02 Jan 03
  eddie937 11:23 02 Jan 03

hi,i've just bought a new hard drive.
on my old hard drive i have xp,can i put linux on my new hard drive and still have old hard drive as my master drive?

  Taran 11:41 02 Jan 03

click here for some info.

Depending on your hardware its not as difficult as you may think, but be prepared for a steep learning curve.


  eddie937 11:44 02 Jan 03

thanks Taran i shall try it staight away and let you know how i get on.

  Andÿ 11:44 02 Jan 03

Yes but find out exactly what you are doing before you start. Installing Linux is not something you want to stumble through with only half an idea of what you are doing.

It is a good idea not to put the bootloader on the HD and have it loaded on a floppy as well. This means using a floppy to boot to Linux but it cuts out the risk of damaging your MBR and being unable to boot to any OS.

Go to Google and search for 'Linux XP duel boot' for info and good luck :o)

click here

click here

  Andÿ 11:47 02 Jan 03

Or even 'Linux XP dual boot':o)

  Andÿ 11:49 02 Jan 03

Double Doh! Should have known you'd beat me Taran :o)

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