New optical Mouse, Playing up...

  Winxx 17:52 27 Dec 06

Hi. just went out and bought myself an optical mouse (first optical mouse ive had) and plugged it into the USB port, worked straight away, the speed was a little too fast so i went into the mouse options and slowed it down.

now every few minutes or so the pointer just moves really quickly into another position, like if im moving the mouse from A to B, it will return to point A when i get to point B, it's nothing magor but it does get a little annoying.

Just wanted to know if this is normal in optical mouses or if theres a setting i should change to cure this problem.

Thanks in advance!

  Woolwell 17:59 27 Dec 06

It can happen with a pattern on the mouse pad. Try without a mousepad or plain white sheet of paper over the mouse pad.

  Winxx 18:05 27 Dec 06

well i tried with and without a mouse mat, now with paper over it, it seems alot better but i still think its a bit bad that i have to keep a white sheet of paper of my mouse mat.

are there no other fixes to this?

would getting a ball mouse cure it.

  Technotiger 18:06 27 Dec 06

Hi, you may have slowed it down just a little too much, I would try making a slight adjustment and then see if it works properly.

  woodchip 18:08 27 Dec 06

I would change it. Had several and found cheap ones are the best

  Winxx 18:24 27 Dec 06

tried that, ive sped it up a little more, to my discomfort and still it does it, except with a sheet of paper used as a mousemat, it looks so sad, kinda disapointed, and can't take it back as i ripped the thing to shreds trying to open it... thats a lesson i must learn =(

  woodchip 18:24 27 Dec 06

Something like this. Site is a bit slow, must be under heavy demand click here

  Winxx 18:26 27 Dec 06

well this was only £12.99

the other was £9.99 but was purple, so i went with the nice looking optical one, il just have to use the paper until i or someone can think of anything else lol.

  Woolwell 18:33 27 Dec 06

Try a plain mouse pad. It seems that your optical mouse is picking up on the patterns. This happened to me. Actually I don't bother with a mouse pad now.

  Stuartli 18:36 27 Dec 06

I have to use my optical mouse with a piece of A4 white paper stuck over a mouse mat - I have several mats but all have some form of pattern on them, which affects the tracking/cursor behaviour.

  MIke 18:37 27 Dec 06

I've had similar problems with various optical mice I've had, both at home an in work. My findings are that a very shiny surface will cause problems, as does a mouse mat with any areas of red, presumably the red part of the mat doesn't reflect red light, but absorbs it. I've used labtec, Microsoft and Packard Bell mice as well as IBM branded. The best I've found for tracking stability is the Microsoft one I have at home. It's an Intellimouse Explorer 4 (Model 1004) probably superseded by now, but tracks like a dream. All the others I've mentioned have the same fault you mentioned.

You also need to keep the optics clean by blowing out any dust now and again


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