New Nvidia Graphics Drivers Available

  RobCharles1981 10:58 07 Nov 07

Nov 6th Version

click here


  sunny staines 12:15 07 Nov 07

thanks, downloaded it will install later.

  wolfie3000 12:35 07 Nov 07

Thanks, downloading now.

  Red Devil 15:37 07 Nov 07

But here's what is probably a silly question. Can you simply just delete the folder with the previous version of Forceware in it, in my case 163.71?

Or do you have to uninstall it somehow? Or even leave it in place.


  rdave13 17:35 07 Nov 07


  donki 17:39 07 Nov 07

Nicely done, I always forget to update.

  sunny staines 17:41 07 Nov 07

red devil

i unistall nvidia in add/remove list in contol panel, then restart pc and install from the new driver which i saved to the desktop earlier.

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