New Motherboard and Windows XP

  Bad Dad 18:05 10 Jul 03

Sorry if this has been around before - can't find a history for it though: I was thinking of changing my motherboard and CPU and keeping everything else the same. Will XP still work or will it think has been installed onto a different computer?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  goonerbill 18:09 10 Jul 03

if ya have xp home it may not like it and may want to re-register. if ya got xp pro, ya dont need to worry about a thing

  keith-236785 18:22 10 Jul 03

i upgraded motherboard, processor and memory, windows XP Pro would not boot up(only time i have ever seen blue screen of death with windows XP).

I had to format and re-install windows (formatting was my choice, you might get away with just reinstalling over the top)

I guess its just a little bit too much for windows XP to accept (scary really but thats just the way it is)

save(back up) everything you need and go for your upgrade, confident that Mr Gates isnt gonna make it easy for you.

  keith-236785 18:25 10 Jul 03

Sorry Goonerbill but in my case, win XP Pro would not accept Motherboard proc and memory upgrade (nothing else was changed) wonder if its cos its an OEM version rather than retail box?, cant imagine so but you never know.

  Gaz 25 18:26 10 Jul 03

No, phone microsoft acvtivation line and you can activate as much as you like.

Basically you could install it on two systems but that is naughty, you should be Ok.

  Bad Dad 23:05 10 Jul 03

Thanks for the help.

Cheers :)

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