new motherboard will it work?

  bigboab y 13:54 09 Jan 06

My motherboard is faulty so I ordered a replacement on Ebay... an MSI 6340 (second hand of course).My cpu is an Athlon 1800 xp...will it work on this board...according to the microstar site,it will handle up to 1400 mhz..I was blinded by the fact that my existing set up has SDRAM (pc133) on it which this board handles.Thanks in anticipation.

  Stuartli 14:07 09 Jan 06

According to this manual it's 550-1000MHz but there may be later versions of the board:

click here

  bigboab y 14:18 09 Jan 06

This is the MSI site click here it actually shows it as "up to 1200"...what I was wondering is will my 1800 xp technically/electrically work on the board even if it runs at a slower speed

  PC Bilbo 14:33 09 Jan 06

MSI 6340 Version 5 could support up to Athlon 2200.

The basic 6340 & 6340M (Pro version) used same BIOS and which is limited as Stuartli says.

  bigboab y 14:40 09 Jan 06

the mobo hasnt arrived yet..not sure what version it is..will come back on here when i know

  bigboab y 11:44 11 Jan 06

Its version 1.. wont take an 1800..ho-hum ..back to Ebay..thanks guys/gals

  bigboab y 11:46 11 Jan 06


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