New Motherboard running Windows XP

  Snakey 12:53 01 Aug 03

I have just had to install a new motherboard in my PC as the old one failed.

Unfortunately when I now boot I get a Blue Screen and the system reboots.

Any way round this ?

Could you please provide some more info as well as what you've done etc. Have you reinstalled windows?

  Snakey 14:36 01 Aug 03

Have not reinstalled O/S. Just installed the Motherboard and hoped XP would detect new Hardware like 98 and ME. I supose the question is 'if you have a PC running XP can you upgrade the Motherboard without reformatting the HDD.


  ellas 14:51 01 Aug 03

try booting from the xp cd and running the recovery console,you can do it but only if you keep the same chipset i.e intel,but if your going from say intel to a via chipset your going to have problems.

  BillEmm 17:52 01 Aug 03

you have to start from scratch. What is on the System disk has to reflect exactly what hardware is installed.

As ellas has implied it can be possible but you have to start with a 'true' mirror of what you have removed and that means uninstalling everything that you can from the 'old' system, thus leaving the OS with just a skeleton HW configuration to support.

Change the motherboard and, assuming the skeletons are the same, then enter setup before loading the OS, just to 'tune' where necessary, save and exit and hope for the best!

If you fail to uninstall the old devices, even if you reuse them on the new board, then you will have lots of conflict problems on rebooting after the swop.

Just a few more thoughts.


  ellas 19:56 01 Aug 03

well I done it just recently changing from a dead msi to aopen mobo,chipset was the same intel 845 and of course as the mobo just went had no chance to prepare xp but I did not have 1 single problem,well I lie because even using the same processor,network,graphics card etc still had to phone microsoft but thats was no big problem.

  ellas 20:01 01 Aug 03

you may find this site useful click here not xp but few tips there.

  silliw 21:20 01 Aug 03

I suggest you search through the threads on tis forum as here was a good article on " doing an XP repair" when installing a new motherboard. The jist of it was to enter the new installation setup ( not the repair console) and then do a repair within setup.

Sorry I cant remember the link but I'm sure you will find it somewhere. This option will install only the drivers required for your new hardware rather than doing a clean installation

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