New Motherboard for re-build

  Blubottle 17 Sep 11

I am looking to replace my old Asus A7N8X delux motherboard but I want to keep my two existing IDE HDD's. Therefore the new MB needs to have two IDE sockets ATX form factor, AMD socket, medium spec I don't need blistering speed. advice please. regards

  gengiscant 17 Sep 11

Is it just your IDE drives that your wishing to keep and not your rather old socket A CPU?

If so there's this Asrock

Or you could get a more modern board and use either this: 2 IDE or this: 1 IDE or this: Sata to Pata

  gengiscant 17 Sep 11

Sorry don't know what happened there I did mean to add that there will be other motherboards out there. Just google twin IDE motherboards.

  Squirrel1 17 Sep 11

How old are your HDD's....! Would you trust your data on them...!

Please be honest, new hardware is cheap and you can build a new PC for not a lot of money, that will run better than the PC it's replacing. We are not talking about high power gaming machines.

Also, if you need to transfer the data from your existing IDE drives, onto the new drives, in a 'new-build' PC, that is quite easy to do as well!

All new kit= peace of mind and new 12 month warranty on all hardware!

  Blubottle 18 Sep 11

Many thanks one and all. I have always built my own, it's just that the last one was 8 years ago and things have changed, The economics of the issue was to keep as much of my old system as possible, just a new M/B and CPU

  retep888™ 18 Sep 11

Motherboard click here

AMD Sempron CPU click here

DDR3 RAM click here

SATA DVD-RW click here for black click here for beige

Don't think you can get a new motherboard with 2 IDE connectors nowadays however you can get a SATA optical drive to replace your existing IDE one & connect it to 1 of the 4 SATA connections and connect those 2 IDE HDDs to the IDE connector as Master & Slave.

It's also inevitable to change those DDR 1 ram to DDR 3 ram as well but they're so cheap anyway.

All for less than £90.

  Blubottle 21 Sep 11

Thanks, I have chosen Asus M4A87TD, AMD Phenom II 955 black, 4 GB DDR3, with a Seagate 500 gig Sata. regards


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