new motherboard but no power

  clacton0 15:47 17 Feb 11


I got a new motherboard today have installed it but the PC will not power up.
Iam just wondering if my switch is plugged in property

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  GaT7 15:53 17 Feb 11

You might have the polarity reversed. The blue wire will be +, so make sure this matches the + on the motherboard power switch connector/header. G

  GaT7 16:02 17 Feb 11

Did the motherboard come with a manual? If not, what's the model? I can see it's a Foxconn. G

  clacton0 16:03 17 Feb 11

Just changed the wire round but still nothing.

  clacton0 16:04 17 Feb 11

The book says H67MP
But all they say is front panel connector on.

  GaT7 16:15 17 Feb 11

From page 16 of the PDF manual (obtained via click here), it appears the power switch consists of the green coded headers. You have it plugged in the HDD/PWR-LED headers.

And never simply reverse a connection without first checking the polarity is correct! If you check the signs carefully, you can get the polarity right the first time. So check the polarity carefully - the coloured wires are usually +ve (while the white is -ve). G

  clacton0 16:23 17 Feb 11

Will check out the PDF thanks.

  GaT7 16:23 17 Feb 11

Screenshot of page with the front panel headers click here. G

  clacton0 16:31 17 Feb 11

Just plugged the power switch in the green and its come on so silly them for making it green in steed of red LOL.

  GaT7 16:40 17 Feb 11

Never take these things for granted. Different boards have different colour coding. The board itself will have the necessary info, although in very small text.

I would blame you for not looking for a better manual. If things are not clear, I always download the manufacturer's online manual before setting up, as it's more likely to be complete & up-to-date. G

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