New motherboard - bios splash screen is skipped during boot.

  fxyrslf 19:18 PM 15 Aug 12


I recently installed a gigabyte B75M-D3H 1155 mobo, i5 cpu, my pc boots fine but there is no BIOS splash screen at all and it is worrying me. I can boot into win 7 fine, but when I turn the computer on it goes from blank screen very quick (1 second) cursor flash, then windows splash screen. Is something wrong? It has done this since the 1st time I booted it.

I can access BIOS as you'd expect press del. Going into the Bios there is an option named "full screen logo show" but it makes not difference whether that is enabled or not. My monitor is on the whole time, not waking from sleep or anything like that.

Is this a reason to RMA the mobo?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 PM 15 Aug 12

sounds PK to me

my 7 yr old PC has always been like that no Bios splash screen.

  fxyrslf 19:31 PM 15 Aug 12

Thanks for the reply.

Just to clarify, there is literally nothing shown when the computer is powered on/reset, except a blinking white cursor for a split second before the Windows splash screen appears. I am not using an SSD or particularly fast drive.

  KRONOS the First 20:07 PM 15 Aug 12

Do you have a secondary monitor connected as that can cause this type of behaviour?

  T0SH 21:24 PM 15 Aug 12

Perhaps a visit to the Gigabyte support site to find out how to turn on/off this feature "Intel® Rapid Start Technology" may be the best place to begin ?

Cheers HC


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