New monitor or hd tv for monitor

  iqs 21 Apr 12

Hi, I'm looking for a new 22 inch plus monitor,I was considering buying a hd tv because of the built in speakers.would a hd tv connected to the hdmi port on my graphics card produce a picture similar or better then a dedicated pc monitor ?'if yes which would you buy?, Thanks

  KRONOS the First 21 Apr 12

You can certainly connect your PC to the TV but as to whether it is as good as a dedicated monitor, in my opinion I would say definitely not. Does not come close. My Dell UltraSharp U2410 - 24" wipes the floor with my Panasonic 32" HD TV. Whatching videos or playing music is fine. I have not got a clue of how games look as I have never tried my gaming PC with the TV. I have no doubt others will have views on your question.

  buteman 21 Apr 12

It may not be as good but if you get fed up playing about on the computer you can switch the TV on and watch that.

Remember you get the sound volume through the TV remote on the computer when connected by HDMI.

  buteman 21 Apr 12

Should have added that it is a TV/Monitor that I have so I can't really comment on using a TV only.

  iqs 24 Apr 12

hi and thanks for the help,i will probably stick with a dedicated monitor,but is there one with built in speakers ?,also which 24 inch plus led lcd would you buy ? Thanks

  KRONOS the First 24 Apr 12

One of these. Dell. Has not got speakers but is a fantastic monitor. I bought a Dell ultrasharp u2410 around 3 or 4 years ago and it wipes there floor with my secondary monitor a Samsung 24". If you want decent colour reProduction then you should be looking for an IPS monitor as opposed to a TN.

As for monitors with speakers I have yet to read a good review of them.

  iqs 28 Apr 12

Many thanks for the advice and link to the monitor ,many thanks again

  Snrub 28 Apr 12

I bought a supermarket cheapie 24" 1080p LED Hyundia TV about a year ago for £129. It is vga connected and will do HDMI. The picture quality is superb and easily matches my older dedicated 19" LG Flatron monitor with the benefit of freeview TV and larger screen size. Whilst this TV may not be recognised as a brand leader I can't fault it and I am very fussy.

  iqs 29 Apr 12

Thank you for the advice, will have a read about that make,thanks


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