new monitor card in old pc - agp or pci?

  jake williamson 11:43 14 Apr 05

hey out there,

i've a dell 8200 thats got a 64mb graphics card in a x2 agp slot.

i need to support two vga monitors and i am unsure if i should get a faster agp graphics card that supports two monitors, or get a pci card?

the thing being that the agp cards are rated at 8x - i get the impression that the card will 'down size' to my x2 slot which makes me think a pci card maybe the beter way to go?

any suggestions would be great,


  Yoda Knight 12:43 14 Apr 05

AGP was the next step up from PCI (and PCI Express is the newest technology), so your probably better sticking with AGP

  jake williamson 16:35 14 Apr 05


thanks for the post.

ok, that'd make sence - i've had a quick ganda around and the '256MB nVidia Geforce 5500 AGP 8X S-video' at £50 seems a pretty safe bet.

we have an apple dvi to vga adapter here that came with one of the mac powerbooks we have - hopefully that will allow me to run my current monitor through on vga and the new monitor on the other vga port on the card.

whatcha reckon?

many thanks,


  961 17:50 14 Apr 05

Take care re voltages with AGP cards. Early ones ran at 3.3 volts whereas most now run at 1.5volts. Some motherboards will support one or the other, and some motherboards will support both.

You need to be quite sure you have components that will get on together. The motherboard manual may help and the video card spec should tell you what the card needs

  jake williamson 10:12 15 Apr 05


thanks for the extra advice on the voltage - we're gonna give it a pop and see what happens.

many thanks,


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