New mobo, will 66mhz ram work?

  nyleridedog 08:12 16 May 03

I have recently built a pc with the specs as follows.
40 gig
jetway v266b mobo

as for memory i have not managed to get some yet so i installed a 66 mhz stick from an old pc.
The question is would this cause problems, as i cant seem to fdisk and format the hard drive.
Also when i switch it on now and again it just stalls at detecting hard drives.

Also the processor is showing up on boot up as 1100mhz instead of the 1400mhz that it is.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.


  Box Car 08:22 16 May 03

You need the correct Ram, you will damage the old Ram and possibly everything else if you continue.

  rickf 08:24 16 May 03

Don't know your board but you can either change the clock speed w/in bios or on the board if it comes with dip switches multipliers to get 1400. Since the board is running at 266, I would suggest that the 66mhz ram will not work. You will need ddr/133. Others will further contribute I am sure.

  DieSse 09:42 16 May 03

66MHz SDRAM will not fit in the same slot as DDR RAM - does your new motherboard actually have SDRAM slots?

The difference is - SDRAM has two notches in the contact edge - DDR has only one.

  The Sack 10:16 16 May 03

You took the words out of my mouth SDRAM (168 pins) and DDRAM (184 pins) are physicaly different not to mention SDRAM runs at 3.3V and DDRAM runs at 2.5V

  nyleridedog 14:56 16 May 03

yes the mobo has 4 slots 2 ddr and 2 sd,
the pc gets to the bios sometimes and sometimes it finds the master hd
sometimes it just stalls on searching for hd
and the cpu temp and fan speed just remain motionless.
I just hope that its the ram doing this and not the mobo.
ill be getting proper ram soon.

  King Diamond 17:51 16 May 03

You will get pc2100 512ddr for about £40-50 at click here

  DieSse 18:21 16 May 03

OK - well you need to be able to run the SDRAM at 66MHz - this may not be possible on a 133/266 motherboard. Usually you can set the RAM timing to the standard CPU frequeny +33 or -33. Since your base frequency is 133, this will give you a minimum of 100MHz - at which your 66MHz RAM probably won't work.

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