new mobo required

  bigchasbroon 22:39 04 Apr 05

My motherboard is goosed so i want to replace it but I am unsure which board is compatable with my cpu. It is a P4 2.4 and about 2 years old it runs at 133mhz but all the new boards seem to run at 400mhz plus will my chip work or do i need to junk the lot?

  dan11 23:06 04 Apr 05

You multiply your 133Mhz by 4. So you need a board that will support your 533Mhz bus cpu.

The 400 bus board is just a 100Mhz X 4. so thius gives you the lower 400Mhz.

Is it apentium 4 2.4 Ghz northwood, prescot or prescot-celeron D cpu?

  LastChip 23:16 04 Apr 05

I think that is the base speed you are referring to. A four times multiplier would give you a FSB of 533, which for a 2.4 P4 would make sense.

If I am right, it would be a 478 pin socket, for which many motherboards are still available.

You need to confirm precisely which processor you have.

  dan11 23:17 04 Apr 05

If you use the intel motherboard finder. It can aid you in making a selection. click here

Here are some asus boards, using the finder. I assumed you are using ddr memory. click here

But you MUST double check to see if your selection fits all your criteria.

  bigchasbroon 00:09 05 Apr 05

thank you guys. I have identified my processor on intels site and you are quite right it is a 533mhz fsb. I know whatI need now.

thanks again

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