new mobo prob

  IMAGEDKTR1 22:08 09 Feb 04

ok installed a new mobo in pc and at same time fdisked and formatted h/d (as it had me on it and i didnt like) reinstalled win2k and also all drivers for new mobo. system runs 2 cd drives one a cdrw, problem is getting system to accept music cds to play i,ll rephrase that they did play till i installed roxio 6 that just hangs and does nothing. i uninstall roxio and pc will not play cds cant or wont find the path. i,m sure the mobo is screwed up as when i brought it (new) the jumper on the mobo for bios clearing was set to clear and the bios batt was dead. ok got a new battery and pc starts up ok but its so damn slow its unbelievable.
def a prob here somewhere any ideas?

  GuyR 23:41 09 Feb 04

is board set at right FSB / multiplier to get processor to correct speed, have you been into bios to optimise and is version upto date or could flashing to later spec help.

What operating system are you running, motherboard, RAM speed + size, Hard drive etc.

  Gongoozler 10:04 10 Feb 04

It is possible that the cd drive sharing an IDE cable with the hard drive is slowing the hard drive speed. It is worth disconnecting that cd drive to see if it speeds things up. Also check that the hard drive DMA is enabled.

  IMAGEDKTR1 20:07 10 Feb 04

thank you for replying ,as it happens the mobo is going back,had enough of it it now takes a full 12 mins for win2k to boot up. and coincidentally the cdrw /dvd drive and the cd drive share the same ide cable with one as master the other slave the h/d has its own ide cable.
anyway swopping it ofr a new one tomorrow (last time i get a mr chips job cos this ones had its chips ;-)
thanks again

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