new MOBO

  wobbler 12:17 10 Sep 04

Bought an elite 741GX-M motherboard, but now I am confused. The book with it says it has an FSB of 166/133 yet the web site for Elite says it has a FSB of 266/333. Which is correct?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:34 13 Sep 04

Probably the website as any errors there can be more easily corrected.

  temp003 08:49 13 Sep 04

Probably just inconsistency in the use of "FSB", but the same things.

The actual clock frequency is 133 or 166MHz (in BIOS settings e.g.), but (assuming it's a motherboard for AMD Athlon XPs), since data transfer takes place both ways at the same time, the FSB is usually described as 266/333MHz.

Just remember in BIOS, you need to set it to 133 or 166 as the case may be.

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