New Mesh Computer without MS Product Code

  gel 12:28 17 Nov 10

On 4 11 2010 I took delivery of a new Mesh desk top with Windows 7 installed
It did not have Microsoft Product Code or a Recovery CD

I contacted Mesh and they replied on 11 th. November as follows

'Our records show the Windows 7 COA sticker and recovery disc are currently out of stock but are on our "to follow" list; we are of the matter and they will be sent out as soon as we receive new stock, but unfortunately I do not have a specific ETA at this time. If you find the activation grace period running down below about 7 days, please contact our Customer Services team ASAP and they will look in to the matter.'

Has any one else had this experience and what eventually happened

  wiz-king 12:38 17 Nov 10
  gengiscant 12:38 17 Nov 10

Unfortunately an all to common complaint with Mesh here

  wiz-king 12:39 17 Nov 10


  GaT7 12:41 17 Nov 10

See recent related post: 'Mesh Shipping Without Activation Codes' click here. G

  gel 12:50 17 Nov 10

Hi Thanks for the comments
I am encouraged by the Editors remarks
I raised the matter on the Microsoft forum and included was this contribution
click here

I am pleased with the machine but do not want the hassle with the code etc

  gel 12:59 17 Nov 10

Hi My activation code expires in 15 days time Which is 2 December
I have sent numerous emails and have confirmed the details by letter
I am hoping for the best

  961 15:03 17 Nov 10

Phone Microsoft UK explain the problem and ask for advice

0844 800 2400

  gel 15:11 17 Nov 10

Hi 961
The other comment from Microsoft forum was as follows:
Mesh should not be selling pre-installed PC's for which they have no COA sticker.

However, consumer law would be on their side if you attempted to send it back as the unit does work and they have not yet totally failed. See what they suggest at the 'seven day' point. Remind that that it is unacceptable to sell as I stated above.

Good luck..
Mike Hall MVP
Windows: Consumers
click here


  GaT7 15:13 17 Nov 10

Worth a shot I guess, but I've a feeling Microsoft won't want to know, nor be able to help as they are OEM versions. G

  GaT7 15:15 17 Nov 10

My last comment was in response to 961's suggestion.

"Mesh should not be selling pre-installed PC's for which they have no COA sticker"

Couldn't agree more. G

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