new memory but which would best suit my system

  pinka 20:17 02 Aug 03

i am giving my system a bit of an overhaul ,
i have currently:
athlon xp1700+
msi kt4vl
512mb pc2100
ge force 4 ti4200 64mb (agp 4x)
30gb 7200rpm maxtor

i will be swapping processor for xp2600+ , and wondered what memory would suit the system best i.e be quick but stable. any suggestions.

  trinity 20:31 02 Aug 03

The 2600+ is a 333FSB cpu, so you will see it perform better with PC2700 (or PC3200). I always buy Crucial memory because of their great service and support but there is other memory out there too. Your mobo supports the 333 too, and 400 for future upgrades, PC3200 is not necessary but will work as PC2700 for now at 333FSB and still work at 400FSB later with the right CPU.

Hope that helps.

  trinity 20:33 02 Aug 03

Sorry just checked the mobo doesn't support 400 FSB.

  dirtyh 01:20 03 Aug 03

pc 2700 is the right type but buy 2 matching sticks 256 or 512 i use corsair xms cas 2 which are about £95 for 2X 256.
very good memory but more can then set in the bios to run at turbo or agressive never fails me.

  The Sack 01:52 03 Aug 03

If the CPU runs on a FSB of 266MHz (and the 2600+ is available on a 266MHz FSB) then get PC2100 RAM as the bus speed has a maximum bandwidth of 2.1GHz if the CPU runs on a FSB of 333MHZ then buy PC 2700 as the maximum bandwidth between RAM and CPU is 2.7GHz, Athlons like to be in sync with the memory. If you intend overclocking the FSB then buy the fastest RAM your mobo will take but the quickest latency you can, for instance PC2700 CAS 2 is quite happy running at PC3200 CAS 2.5 or CAS 3. You can always run it slower by messing with the BIOS.

I personally now prefer TwinMOS as it is high quality and the price is nice.

  pinka 12:06 03 Aug 03

the one im buying is 333mhz so ill go with pc2700 and i think at the price i might go with 3x 512mb . thanks all

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