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  Tony275 18:33 28 Dec 08

Hi, Hope everyone had a nice xmas.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with 2 x 512mb memory sticks.
I have the chance to buy a 2gb stick cheap but what I need to know is, Can I use a 2gb stick and a 512mb stick together or will it cause problems, someone told me you have to have 2 sticks the same and i'm unsure.

Thanks inadvance T

  MAT ALAN 18:37 28 Dec 08

click here

run the upgrade advisor tool from the link it will tell you exactly what you can upgrade to...

If your cheap memory matches the advice given, job done...

  Tony275 18:41 28 Dec 08


I know the memory I need and I also know that there are there are 2 slots that are filled with 2 x 512mb sticks.
what I need to know is can you mix a 2gb and 512mb sticks or will I just be better off using just the 2gb stick on it;s own.

Regards T

  MAT ALAN 18:43 28 Dec 08

If you know the memory is compatible why not just put it in and try it...

  Tony275 18:46 28 Dec 08

I want to know before I buy it

  MAT ALAN 18:53 28 Dec 08

then use the crucial advisor...

mixing brands of memory is not the way to go...

  Tony275 19:01 28 Dec 08

Can I say I feel your approach to just stick it in and see if it works is quite scary.

Thanks for the input but I feel I will go elsewhere to seek my answer.


  MAT ALAN 19:09 28 Dec 08

I assumed you had bought the memory, sorry, gotta change me glasses...

Thanks for the input but I feel I will go elsewhere to seek my answer.

The crucial advisor is the only answer you need, but HEY HO if you want to do it the hard way, who cares...

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