New (to me) bogus Amazon Scam

  morddwyd 21:09 12 May 12

I know there are lots of different well known ones, but this was new to me.

An e0mail acknowledging that your order has been cancelled, and giving a link.

If, like me, you buy from Amazon three or four times a week it would be all too easy to click to see which order it is.

Amazon have confirmed it as a new phishing attempt.

  rdave13 21:27 12 May 12

Thank you morddwyd for the info. I know that your suspicion was raised simply because you use Amazon so frequently, but was there a clue in the email you might have picked up that it was a phishing attempt?

  morddwyd 22:03 12 May 12


The order number was not as long as the normal Amazon order number.

  ams4127 23:15 12 May 12

I've had several of these over the last few weeks. Since I haven't bought anything from them in the last few months, I twigged what it was at once and tagged it as spam.

The other one doing the rounds is from Youtube saying that "your video is now number one" I assume that they want your bank details so that they can "send" you the money.

And there are many others!

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