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New linux install

  night flyer 11:07 11 Mar 04

Hi all hope everyone is keeping well,

I've just used partition magic 8 to make a spare 6gb partition,and i want to install and try linux.

i have the disks,do i just insert the disks and let it install itself or do i need to do anything else first ?

Thanks in advance

  Chegs ® 11:12 11 Mar 04

Depending on the "flavour" of Linux your about to use,also be aware that Linux doesn't use C:/ etc,but hda/hdb/hdc for its partition labels.

  night flyer 11:16 11 Mar 04

Hi chegs,

It's red hat 7 i have on 3 cd's.

will it install automatically to the right place or will i have to specify where to put it ?

Totally new to linux,i've read a fare bit about it and want it on with Windows XP,but not to bother XP as thats running fine.

Just looking foreward to trying linux and hopfully learning it given time.

  Chegs ® 11:31 11 Mar 04

Chances are,you will need to tell it where to install to,I'm not brill with Linux but can generally find the info I'm after via google(in XP)as I have an IDE hdd with Mandrake on,but cannot get it online(yet,as its a nightmare setting up my ADSL modem)

  JJCUK 11:46 11 Mar 04

There is a lot of Live CD distributions out there that it may be worth trying first, However you need to download them as iso iles and burn to a cd, but it gives you the opportunity to see if all your hardware will be detected and will not affect your C drive
good place to start is

click here

for distros or

click here

for a small (50meg) distribution

just a thought

  dth 12:36 11 Mar 04

Should work out fine. When the installation starts up it nominates a location. If it doesn't pick the right one - just amend as necessary.

If you have any problems post back.

  Iwasaki 13:30 11 Mar 04

Glad thsi has popped up. I too am looking to try something new and Have just got hold of Linux Mandrake off of Ebay. I shall watch this thread for now.

  JerryJay 13:41 11 Mar 04


Thank you for link, I am not running this puppy linux and typing this message on it. Fun program to use.

  night flyer 14:30 11 Mar 04

Hi all thanks for the replies.

I downloaded KNOPPIX that run's from the CD and it detected most of my stuff sound card and graphics ok but not my ADSL modem,thought i'd work on that later.


Report back later," i hope "

Bye all

  night flyer 18:18 11 Mar 04


Back after hours of trying and failing.

Something blatent here but i aint seeing it,

Install goes ok,till it comes to automatic partitioning and it say FAILED,

Automatic partitioning failed,there is NOT sufficent disk space in order to automatically partition your disk.

I have a 20gb hard drive and split it into 2 with partition magic before starting.

Thinking thios would be fine,Obviously not.

Help needed please point out how dim i am,What am i doing wrong ?

  Chegs ® 18:29 11 Mar 04

I'm not that advanced in Linux,but remembering back to my 1st attempts at Linux installation(with Mandrake 8.1)getting similar happenings,that "fried my brain" then,but now my guess would be your Linux is refusing to "play 2nd fiddle" to Windows.How to rectify this is beyond my Linux abilities,as I have a "spare" IDE hdd which has my Linux on(my way of skipping round my SATA + Linux probs)

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