New Laptopn

  ah1802 00:18 27 Sep 07

Hi I just purchased a new lapto a Advent 8212. The thing is i didnt receive a user guide with the laptop, i have found out how to use most of the features just i cant work out how to use the built in webcam?? As anyone got the same/similar product and knwo how to use it.

  C3 02:37 27 Sep 07

If you check one of the installation discs that came with the PC, you pay find a PDF copy of the user Manual on it.

  jpp1973 18:49 04 Oct 07

Hi, i am having the same problem, there is no mention of the webcam anywhere on the computer, in the pdf manuals or on the pcworld site. i love the laptop but this webcam is just looking at me and i have no idea how to make it work... very frustrating!

there is a bluetooth installer on the disk but that keeps asking for a device, never really used b-tooth before so i don't know what it wants me to do?

  jpp1973 18:51 04 Oct 07

correction to my earliar post, the webcam is mentioned....on the sticker on the laptop!

  AdeyA69 22:18 06 Oct 07

I have found the user manual on the utilities disk but cannot find any reference to the built in webcam apart from the picture identifying the main parts of the laptop. I think the laptop does not recognise the webcam, as it does not show on the device manager nor when searching for new hardware.

Im happy with everything else just this one detail.

  hyneryj 00:13 07 Oct 07

Hi Guys to turn on the webcam you will need to hold in the function button (usually on the bottom left of the keyboard and marked "fn") and press F10 (fn+F10)

This will turn the webcam on.


  CDR Krill 01:22 07 Oct 07

Cheers hyneryj! Had the same prob, good old advent, should of realised they were crap when they spelt GMA - GAM on the sticker on mine!
Also, did anyone notice there's an express card slot on the left side..where did that come from?? :-)

Ryback is Gone!!

  AdeyA69 09:06 08 Oct 07

Thanks very much hyneryj,
Easy when you know how

  jpp1973 20:18 11 Oct 07

brilliant many thanks, i thought i was doomed!


  VarneyXIII 10:41 18 Oct 07

i tryed what u pushing the fn and the f10, the only thing that happens is a little green light comes on i still dont know how to take pics with it help :(

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