New Laptop Wireless Connection Problem

  norstellar 21:55 03 Apr 06

Hi, I hope some kind soul can help me. I am confused.

I already have a Sony Vaio PC connected wirelessly to HomeChoice. This works fine, via a Netgear router and a USB receiver.

Recently I bought a Sony Vaio laptop, which I also wanted to connect wirelessly via a router.

I turned it on, and whilst it said it had a network connection with excellent signal strength, I couldn't connect to internet pages almost most of the time. Not enough packets being sent back and forth by the looks of it. Sometimes, for a brief period, it would work perfectly, then nothing for days.

Called HomecChoice engineer round who said nothing wrong with the router, his laptop worked perfectly with it, he said it must be my laptop (which he wasn't allowed to touch). Took the laptop back, despite the fact that the wireless connection then worked perfectly in the shop, I got a refund.

I have now bought another Vaio laptop, in the hope that the first one I bought really was somehow faulty...

BUT, Exactly the same problem again, I'm convinced it must now be something to do with my settings. Last night, it was working fine for a bit, with the PC switched on and both connected.

Tonight, nothing at all. It has nothing to do with the signal strength because this has always shown up as excellent on both computers and as I said my desktop (also a Sony) works fine, whilst my laptop, right next to it, wont pick up a webpage.

Currently I am asking both machines to connect to the internet via the router, rather than sharing the PC's connection, since I intend to ditch the PC if I can get the laptop to work consistently.

The machines seem to be assigning DNS's correctly (different ones for each), the router seems to be on a good channel (6), which I have tried changing as well to all the various channels, but this didn't help either. I've tried all the things HomeChocie suggested initially, includling diasbling all firewalls, using their proxy servers etc etc.

Help! I just know HomeChoice aren't clever enough, or don't care enough, to sort this out for me, so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me! Please...:)

All the best,


  dms05 07:28 04 Apr 06

Are you using WEP encryption on your Router and Laptop? Have you selected XP to manage your WiFi connections? Have you checked for any Firmware updates on the Netgear web site?

The fact that your laptop worked at the retailers and the engineers worked at your location suggestd the problem is obscure!

How about a complete reboot of the Router, or even a complete Reset, and start afresh? I think going back to factory defaults and seeing what happens as you enter the correct settings might be a way ahead.

  mgmcc 10:30 04 Apr 06

<<< The machines seem to be assigning DNS's correctly (different ones for each) >>>

Each PC should have an individual IP address, but the router, desktop and laptop should all be in the same Subnet (IP address range).

The DNS Server Address for both computers should be the ROUTER's IP address - 192.168.x.1

However, it can sometimes help to give a "problem" PC fixed DNS server addresses and enter those of your ISP.

  norstellar 00:00 05 Apr 06

Thanks for both your responses, thanks for taking the time.

dms05: Yes I am using WEP, which seems to be working OK. XP is managing my Wifi on the Laptop, there's a Netgear program in charge of my USB wireless receiver on the desktop.

I have checked over all of the router settings and they seem perfectly normal. I am not entirely sure how to completely reset the router, but this sounds like fun! Where is the best place to start?

mgmcc: the router, laptop and desktop are all in the correct IP range, however I will try to set fixed DNS addresses.

The update tonight is it worked for 10 minutes then stopped suddenly again and hasn't worked since.

Is this common? Its flipping infuriating that's for sure!!

Please, if you have any more advice, do let me know

Best as ever


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