New laptop, vista, how much ram?

  cas5090 10:30 19 Sep 08

Hi, very quick question. Going out this afternoon with a pal to buy her a laptop. She will be using it for light internet and college work.

Is 1 GB ram enough, assuming she buys one with vista home basic running?

Many thanks.

  ventanas 10:32 19 Sep 08

At least 2Gb, any less and forget it.
The difference in the cost is minimal, and a false economy.

  cas5090 10:40 19 Sep 08

Darn,I hoped 1G was going to be enough as she has a very limited budget and wants to buy one today so we are stuck to High St prices.
Thanks for the swift response.

  ventanas 10:46 19 Sep 08

As it's Basic you're getting, and will be in a shop, it may be worth putting one through its paces to get some idea. But you still won't get the full experience of what it will be like. For the record I have six Vista machines, all with 4Gb memory, and they need it.
It should not really make much difference to the price. I used a Vista laptop with only 1Gb for a little while, it was hopeless, but was running Home Premium.

  cas5090 11:08 19 Sep 08

Ok thanks for that, I think we'll have to go for 2Gb and try to do some hard bargaining!

  woodchip 12:21 19 Sep 08

Ig yes needs no more

  cas5090 12:42 19 Sep 08

aargh, two opposing opinions. This laptop will be used for some internet research and report/essay writing, does that make a difference to the ram required? Thanks

1 gig plus shared graphics memory = vista basic only.
home premium and above you really need 2 gig or 1 + dedicated graphics memory.
with either keep background programs to a minimum.

other option is xp while you wait for the next operating system, in beta soon, and im having nightmares already.

  ventanas 14:42 19 Sep 08

Woodchip does not use Vista, so his comment is uninformed.
You cannot buy a computer with XP preinstalled any more. Microsoft put a stop to that on 30th June, so another uninformed comment.
In the end it's up to you.

put a stop to what? pc doesnt have to come with an o/s click here

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